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Masterson Mass Student Meeting, 1969-02

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Identifier: wrc06203
Scope and Contents

Contents include: A student meeting taking place within the Physics Amphitheater. Students who participated on the Advisory Committee to select the next president of Rice University talk about what they were told by administration, what they saw during the meetings, and what the administration did. This student meeting took place soon after the announcement of Dr. William Masterson as the new university president. Speakers: Bari Kaplan, Barry Kaplan, Warren Skaaren

Dates: 1969-02

News Master A, 1969-09 - 1969-10

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc06205
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:00) The Incredible String Band review; (1:08) Charles Freeman clarifications on his status as the first African-American student at Rice; (03:40) Baker College's Grungy Panties movie review; (05:52) Interviews for Student Association committees; (07:03) Rice Owls football game vs VMI; (08:54) Jim Morrison exclamation from The Soft Parade album; (09:17) Section of "The Last Trip to Tulsa" by Neil Young; (11:04) Hello Hamlet review; (11:56) Hello Hamlet; (12:50) Possible...
Dates: 1969-09 - 1969-10

News Master B, 1969-10 - 1969-11

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Identifier: wrc06206
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:29) Vigil for Rice war dead at William M. Rice statue; (02:42) Rededication to peace; (03:39) Dr. Allen Matusow seminar: (04:44) Rice University moratorium news; (06:08) Art exhibit "Reflections on War"; (6:40) Vigil for Rice war dead at William M. Rice statue; (07:09) Physical changes to Rice during moratorium day; (07:50) Moratorium days at colleges in Texas; (08:23) End of Dr. Allen Matusow seminar; (09:45) Speaking on the national moratorium; (12:36) KTRU News...
Dates: 1969-10 - 1969-11

Reports and meetings on the Charles Freeman case, 1969-04-12

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Identifier: wrc06204
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Student Association and faculty meeting pertaining to the case of Charles Freeman, the first African American student at Rice University; (08:33) News report on Charles Freeman case; (12:05) Student Senate statement on meeting; (13:35) Official press release from the Student Association read by Jeff Cox about Frank Vandiver's decision to not readmit Charles Freeman. Since more than one track was recorded at the same time, this audio has been altered and extraneous...
Dates: 1969-04-12

Program Master A, 1969/1970

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Identifier: wrc06207
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Herman Professional Barbershop ad; (00:53) Gino's restaurant ad; (01:39) Dutch Kettle ad; (02:13) Smith and ZZ Top at the Houston Music Theater ad; (02:54:) Woody Allen's Take the Money and Run ad; (03:59) Easy Rider ad; (04:43) The Moody Blues at the Houston Music Theater ad; (05:38) Buger King ad; (06:20) The Jones Theater presents Dirty Work at the Crossroads; (06:54) Dromgoole's Typrewriter Shop ads; (08:55) Frank Vandiver's "Their Tattered Flags: The Epic of...
Dates: 1969/1970

Program Master B, 1969/1970

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Identifier: wrc06208
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Promo - Jim Gregory Show; (02:04) Promo - Jim Gregory Show; (03:20) Station ID - apology for bad signal; (04:11) Promo - Once Every Four Records; (05:03) Promo - Hit Line; (06:23) Station ID - The Big 58; (06:57) Station ID - Much More Music; (07:06) Station ID - Campus Information Station; (07:14) Station ID - 580 KTRU; (07:21) Station ID - Rice Owls; (07:29) Station ID - Much More Music; (07:38) Station ID - Lightnin' Hopkins; (07:46) Station ID - George Roy Hill;...
Dates: 1969/1970

Program Master C, 1969-00-00 - 1970-00-00

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc06209
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Win a date with Rob Quartel; (02:15) Carts introduction; (02:25) Wooo fx, (02:38) Aww now wait a minute; (02:47) electronic Star Spangled Banner; (03:10) Oh no; (03:16) Door, Door; (03:40) Weather; (03:46) Come on now; (03:55) KTRU promo by Rice Owls basketball player; (04:12) Horn flourish; (04:20) Apple gunkies; (04:34) Canned laughter; (04:45) Pouring soda in a glass; (04:57) Canned laughter; (05:04) Large audience canned laugher; (05:20) Cheering; (05:36) Mickey...
Dates: 1969-00-00 - 1970-00-00

News Master 8, Spring 1970

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Identifier: wrc06213
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Call for standardized football officiating; (01:08) Conductor Robert Shaw possible Director of Shepherd School of Music; (01:47) Herbert Allen announces election of Charles W. Duncan, Jr and Baine P. Kerr to the Board of Governors; (02:13) Senator George McGovern to address Farmers Union Convention at the Rice Hotel; (02:44) Basketball, Rice vs. Texas A and M; (04:01) Rice Owls track and field vs. Texas A and M; (05:42) U.S. involvement in Taiwan; (06:50) George...
Dates: Spring 1970

News Master D, Spring 1970

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Identifier: wrc06214
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:25) Super bowl commentary, Kansas City Chiefs; (01:23) Report on Afram and the British Empires response; (02:23) Review of Owlets basketball vs San Jacinto; (04:03) Art institute delay of opening of the media gallery; (04:47) Preview of Lamont Young and Marian Zazela environment "Dream House"; (06:07) Art Institute review preview of "Jules and Jim"; (06:55) Student Senate preview new constitution for SA; (07:58) Report from Houston school administration building on...
Dates: Spring 1970

KTRU News Special on Allen Center Disturbance, 1970-04-14

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Identifier: wrc06212
Scope and Contents

Contents include: Official media report of the Allen Center campus disturbance. Speakers: John Doerr, Lee Estes

Dates: 1970-04-14