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Box 1


Contains 42 Collections and/or Records:

News Master I, 1970-04-05 - 1970-04-12

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07899
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Society of Female Terrorists meeting; (01:42) Ed Dykes on Abbie Hoffman event; (02:09) Dr. Clark Read and others on Rice Memorial Center fire; (04:06) Lovett College government statement; (04:41) Dean Weirum reads Board of Directors letter on Abbie Hoffman event; (06:17) Dean Weirum reads Frank Vandiver's letter of resignation; (07:23) Residential college meeting on recent events; (08:04) Franz Brotzen statement; (08:15) Dean Weirum statement on Abbie Hoffman event;...
Dates: 1970-04-05 - 1970-04-12

News Master J, 1970-04-12 - 1970-04-30

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07900
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Graduate Student Association president on Allen Center disturbance; (01:48) Dan Rosenberg on outsiders at Willy's Statue; (03:05) Tom McGarity on outsiders at Willy's Statue; (03:37) Allen Center disturbance summary; (08:34) Commencement revision; (10:04) Bob Parks statement on Norman Hackerman; (11:34) Greg White on Norman Hackerman; (12:08) Norman Hackerman on selection; (14:01) LeRoi Jones talk; (15:07) Thomas W. Leland, Jr. on commencement revision; (16:25) Earth...
Dates: 1970-04-12 - 1970-04-30

Abbie Hoffman incident documentary, part 1, 1971-04-00

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07901
Scope and Contents Contents include: A KTRU DJ recounts the events surrounding Abbie Hoffman's intended speech at Rice and the fallout from the cancelled event. This documentary ends abruptly. The second part was recorded over. Speakers: Alan Grob, Lee Estes, Jer Mardis, Dean Wierum, Frank Vandiver, Donald Delbert Clayton, Franz Brotzen, John Doerr, Jean Claude de Braemaker
Dates: 1971-04-00

KTRU Sign-on show (3 reels), 1971-05-20

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07902
Scope and Contents Contents include: Dan Guthrie and Buddy Trotter recount the history of KHCR, KOWL, and later KTRU, talk to H. Malcolm Lovett, Dean Weirum, Frank Vandiver, J. Venn Leeds, Gene Coulbourn Hackerman, Ben Blanton, and answer phone calls, and discuss signal strength.There are some technical difficulties with this recording. We deleted radio music throughout the recording. Speakers: Buddy Trotter, Dan Guthrie, H. Malcolm Lovett, Dean Weirum, Frank Vandiver, J. Venn Leeds, Gene Coulbourn Hackerman, Ben...
Dates: 1971-05-20

News Master L, 1970-11-02 - 1970-11-07

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07905
Scope and Contents Contents include: Bradford Morris interview with Robert Blair Keyser; (00:59) Larry Lee on KPFT bombing; (01:59) KPFT bombing from KPFT; (04:25) Harper students in the Tutoring project; (06:32) Brown vs Jones College powderpuff ; (07:23) Anti-War Rally in Austin; (12:12) Hanszen College elections; (12:55) Larry Lee on KPFT black out, Ku Klux Klan, Houston Police Department; (16:36) Houston Police Department's relationship with Ku Klux Klan; (18:30) Registrar's office on drop deadline; (19:18)...
Dates: 1970-11-02 - 1970-11-07

News Master M, 1970-11-08 - 1970-11-19

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07906
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Campanile 1970 arrives; (00:59) Baker College room fire; (03:03) Steve Jackson on room fire; (07:08) Carl Morris on room fire; (09:07) Dr. Donald R. Baker appointed Brown College master; (11:24) Dr. Donald R. Baker on the college system; (14:25) Lovett College room jack to Sid Richardson College; (17:14) Student Association senate meeting on co-ed colleges; (17:55) Coach Bo Hagan's resignation; (20:30) Rice Players' "The Day the Whores Came out to Play Tennis" and...
Dates: 1970-11-08 - 1970-11-19

News Master O, 1971-01-25 - 1971-01-28

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07907
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Bus to Waco for Rice vs. Baylor basketball game; (01:26) Coach Fred Breckwalt on Rice vs. TCU swimming; (02:16) Arrests of demonstrators by Houston Police Department; (02:38) Mick Green on the KPFT bombing; (03:49) Shelby Metcalf on Rice vs. SMU basketball game; (04:50) Gary Rice on Rice basketball; (05:33) Anti-war demonstrators at High School Principals convention; (06:37) Jack Applewhite on Texas Inequality Control Board; (07:38) Oil company credit cards,...
Dates: 1971-01-25 - 1971-01-28

News Master P, 1971-02-01 - 1971-03-12

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07908
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Don Snyder's hurt ankle; (00:30) Coach Don Knodel on trying to win the SW Conference race; (00:59) Coach Fred Breckwalt on swim team and schedule; (01:52) Pre-Med Society meeting; (02:42) Sid Richardson balcony; (03:10) Architecture on Majors Day; (03:34) Fine Arts on Majors Day; (04:05) Rice Players' "Marat Sade" vs. "The Serpent"; (05:02) Coach Don Knodel on absent players; (06:02) Coach Don Knodel on TCU game; (06:40) Coach Don Knodel on Texas Tech game; (07:46)...
Dates: 1971-02-01 - 1971-03-12

News Master Q1, 1971-03-08 - 1971-04-04

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07909
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Parent's Day; (00:50) 1972 Super Bowl; (01:24) Mike Schwartz on junk mail; (02:15) Tom Greene on Student Association polls; (02:45) Rice Owls baseball preview; (03:42) Grundelet team; (04:28) Spring Think review; (06:10) Critique of doctor at Warwick Hotel; (07:29) Norman Hackerman on training table; (08:21) Student Association Senate meeting; (09:58) Rice leaving SWC petition; (11:08) Frank Vandiver wins book award; (11:46) Hanszen College cabinet meeting; (12:09)...
Dates: 1971-03-08 - 1971-04-04

News Master Q2, 1971-02-17 - 1971-02-21

 File — Box: 1
Identifier: wrc07910
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Rice Owls tennis; (00:25) Rice Owls tennis; (00:53) KKK electrical burning upgrade; (01:14) Hanszen College election results; (01:47) Coach Don Knodel on line-up changes; (02:17) Wiess College election results; (02:58) Student Association candidate list; (03:35) Norman Hackerman to alumni; (04:28) Rice women's swim meet; (05:13) FBI files from COINTELPRO; (06:15) New Party meeting in Houston; (07:14) Earth Day Fair; (08:22) TCU basketball preview; (09:10) Rice Owls...
Dates: 1971-02-17 - 1971-02-21