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Box 8


Contains 46 Collections and/or Records:

To the Point - Sarah Burnett, 1977-09-26

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc06729
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "To the Point," Phil Konstantin talks with Dr. Sarah Burnett about similarities and differences among men and women. We have deleted extraneous audio at the end of this recording. Speakers: Sarah Burnett, Phil Konstantin
Dates: 1977-09-26

College Bowl matches, 1977-11

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc07322
Scope and Contents Contents include: Scott Hochberg moderates college bowls matches at Rice University. The recorder was left on during breaks between rounds and at the end of the recording. We deleted this extraneous audio. Speakers: Scott Hochberg, Wes Parsons, Norby Foss, Paul Todd
Dates: 1977-11

Arbuckle Flat - Bob Schmidt, 1977

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc07932
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Arbuckle Flat," Bob Schmidt plays music and talks. Speakers: Bob Schmidt, Trip Doss
Dates: 1977

Backstage Interview - Heart, 1977-06-11

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc07934
Scope and Contents Contents include: Bruce Kessler talks to members of Heart about the beginnings of the band, individual songs, and working on their album "Little Queen." Interview ends abruptly. Speakers: Ann Wilson, Nancy Wilson, Bruce Kessler, Roger Fisher
Dates: 1977-06-11

Up in the Air - Joan Aikens, 1977-10-13

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc07936
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Up in the Air," Lee Hochberg, Eric Sisson, and Patti Bellis talk with Joan Aikens, the Commissioner of the Federal Election Commission, about campaign financing. We deleted extraneous audio at the beginning of the recording. Speakers: Joan Aikens, Lee Hochberg, Eric Sisson, Patti Bellis
Dates: 1977-10-13

St. Elmo’s Fire Interview, Spring 1977

 File — Box: 8
Identifier: wrc06616
Scope and Contents Contents include: The band discusses their work on Caliban with the Houston Symphony and the National Entertainer Conference. Speakers: Ezra Idlet, Connie Mims, Craig Calvert, Damian Hevia, Keith Grimwood
Dates: Spring 1977