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Box 5


Contains 34 Collections and/or Records:

Memorial Park debate, 1976-01

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07921
Scope and Contents Contents include: The Houston City Council meeting on drilling oil at Memorial Park. This is not a complete tape of the proceedings.
Dates: 1976-01

Vince Bell live, 1976-04-10

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07922
Scope and Contents Contents include: Vince Bell performs live at the Hanszen B and P. Speaker: Vince Bell
Dates: 1976-04-10

Backstage Interview - Cecilio and Kapono, 1976-05-02

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07925
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks to Cecilio and Kapono about their acoustic style, songwriting, touring, new music, and working together. Speakers: Henry Kapono Ka'aihue, Cecilio David Rodriguez, Bruce Kessler
Dates: 1976-05-02

Jimmy Carter interview and campaigning, 1976-09-24

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07930
Scope and Contents Contents include: Presidential candidate Jimmy Carter speaks to reporters after getting off of his airplane. He discusses the previous night's debate, issues with Pres. Gerald Ford, the Playboy article, and his religion. Then, there is a political rally in which Mayor Fred Hofheinz, Senator Lloyd Bentsen, Governor Dolph Briscoe, and Jimmy Carter speak. KTRU reporters also speak with protest groups at the rally. We deleted dead air throughout the recording. Speakers: Jimmy Carter, Fred Hofheinz,...
Dates: 1976-09-24

Backstage Interview - Boston, 1976-10-23

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07933
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks to members of the band Boston about their tour, production values, Scholz's basement studio, popular songs, regional popularity, album cover, musical influences, sound effects, lyrics, and The Beatles. Speakers: Tom Scholz, Sib Hashian, Barry Goudreau, Brad Delp, Fran Sheehan
Dates: 1976-10-23

Backstage Interview - Sammy Hagar, 1976-04-03

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc08002
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks to Sammy Hagar about touring, songwriting, musical influences, new album, Montrose, vocals, "Urban Gorilla," forming bands post-Montrose, and Elvis Presley. Speakers: Sammy Hagar, Bruce Kessler
Dates: 1976-04-03

Station IDs, 1976-1983

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc08003
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Gary Wright; (00:13) Iggy Pop; (00:25) Graham Parker; (00:34) Boz Scaggs; (00:44) Eric Bloom; (00:59) Fee Waybill; (01:12) Stevie Nicks; (01:31) Mick Fleetwood; (01:44) Janis Ian; (01:53) Frank Zappa; (02:08) Rick Wakeman; (02:15) Jon Anderson; (02:22) Rick Nielsen; (02:56) Cheap Trick; (03:22) Hall and Oates; (03:32) Brad Delp; (03:46) Robert Klein; (04:19) Jan Hammer; (04:32) Joan Jett and Lee Crystal; (04:49) Joe "King" Carrasco; (05:24) Phil Woods; (05:38) Roger...
Dates: 1976-1983

Backstage Interview - The Tubes, 1976-05-19

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc07947
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks Fee Waybill of The Tubes about integrating visuals to music, difficulties recording "The Tubes," easier to record "Young and Rich," live shows, stage crew, character inspirations, new charcters, album notes, and comparisons to KISS. Speakers: Bruce Kessler, Fee Waybill
Dates: 1976-05-19

Backstage Interview - Gary Wright, 1976-03-10

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc06521
Scope and Contents Contents include: Bruce Kessler interviews Gary Wright. He discusses the song "Dreamweaver" and the album, his music history, Spooky Tooth, and session work with George Harrison and others. Speakers: Bruce Kessler, Gary Wright
Dates: 1976-03-10

Backstage Interview - Hall & Oates, Spring 1976

 File — Box: 5
Identifier: wrc06530
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler interviews Daryl Hall and John Oates. The duo discusses their musical backgrounds, their history together, their early albums, work with Todd Rundgren on War Babies, genre change with War Babies, and working on new album. Speakers: Daryl Hall, John Oates, Bruce Kessler
Dates: Spring 1976