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Box 3


Contains 27 Collections and/or Records:

Mike Love of the Beach Boys interview, part 2, 1974-07-29

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc06269_02
Scope and Contents Contents include: Live music from the Beach Boys and interview snippets from Mike Love. The Beach Boys were on tour with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and had recently played in Houston. The interview took place at the Transcendental Meditation headquarters in Highland Village, Houston. Mike Love discusses the tour, his relationship with Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, and transcendental meditation. Because of poor miking, we have enhanced Mike Love's voice. Speakers: Mike Love, Bruce Kessler
Dates: 1974-07-29

Walt Dickson interview, 1974

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07916
Scope and Contents Contents include: Walt Dickson talks about the Student International Meditation Society and the power of transcendental meditation. Speaker: Walt Dickson
Dates: 1974

Shawn Phillips live, 1974-11-25

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07917_01, wrc07917_02
Scope and Contents Contents include: Shawn Phillips live at the Houston Music Hall. Speaker: Shawn Phillips
Dates: 1974-11-25

Devil's Advocate Commentaries, 1974-09

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07918
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Scott Hochberg discusses changes to the youth air travel card. (06:23) Scott Hochberg discusses broadcast companies renewing their licenses and having to answer to the public about issues. Speaker: Scott Hochberg
Dates: 1974-09

The Blue Carbuncle, 1975-01-06

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07919
Scope and Contents Contents include: The Mercurial Theater presents "The Blue Carbuncle." Speakers: Kevin Mayer, Anna Baron, Rick Cordray, Dale Wilson, Joel Slade, D.H. Whalen
Dates: 1975-01-06

George Greanias interview, 1974-10

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07920
Scope and Contents Contents include: Walt Silvus and Calvin Slater talk to George Greanias about "Hello Hamlet," a movie he made with Doug Kilgore, and his play "Wilson." Speakers: George Greanias, Walt Silvus, Calvin Slater
Dates: 1974-10

Consumer Focus - Elderly, 1974

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07903
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Consumer Focus," Tom Moe speaks to Debbie Hadjes from TexPIRG and Rand Porteau [sp?] about consumer issues and the elderly and senior citizens. We deleted extraneous audio at the end of this recording. Speaker: Tom Moe, Debbie Hadjes
Dates: 1974

Backstage Interview - Triumvirat, 1974-11-10

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc07988
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks to members of Triumvirat about writing lyrics in English rather than German, popularity of European bands in U.S., musical influences, their style of music, U.S. popularity, German music market, touring in Europe vs. U.S., naming "Illusions on a Double Dimple," and the story of "Mister Ten Percent." In the middle of the recording, another piece of music interrupts the interview. We removed it. Speakers: Bruce Kessler, J├╝rgen Fritz,...
Dates: 1974-11-10

Backstage Interview - Rick Wakeman, 1974-09-19

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc08004
Scope and Contents Contents include: On "Backstage Interview," Bruce Kessler talks to Rick Wakeman about his work compares to other modern music, age barriers in music, "Journey to the Centre of the Earth," H.G. Wells, composing, synthesizers, upcoming projects, "The Six Wives of Henry VIII," and touring. Speakers: Rick Wakeman, Bruce Kessler
Dates: 1974-09-19

Tom Jans Interview, Fall 1974

 File — Box: 3
Identifier: wrc06277
Scope and Contents Contents include: Tom Jans discusses his promotional tour and upcoming tour with Billy Joel, how he writes music, how he performs, who he has performed with, and his future plans. He also performs in the studio. Speaker: Tom Jans
Dates: Fall 1974