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Box 2


Contains 32 Collections and/or Records:

National Women's Political Caucus, 1973-02

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06747
Scope and Contents Contents include: The speakers on this recording include: Patricia Schroeder, Jill Ruckelshaus, and Bella Abzug. The recording ends and begins with two feminist songs performed live. Speakers: Patricia Schroeder, Jill Ruckelshaus, Bella Abzug
Dates: 1973-02

Rice Summer School promos, 1972-00-00

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc07912
Scope and Contents Contents include: Promos for the Rice University summer school program for high school students from the Education Department. Speakers: Scott Hochberg
Dates: 1972-00-00

Robert Townsend speech (2 reels), 1972-11-16

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc07915
Scope and Contents Contents include: Robert Townsend takes questions from the audience about Harvard Business School, creating Staff Services as a replacement for individual secretaries, how to fix problems, how a CEO should not separate him/herself from the employees, improving AVIS, and how to be a good manager, marijuana arrests, organizations, tenure, communication skills, graduate business school, and business education. Recording ends abruptly. Speaker: Robert Townsend
Dates: 1972-11-16

Sissy Speaks Out, 1972-10-30

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06240
Scope and Contents Contents include: Interview with Frances Tarlton "Sissy" Farenthold about presidential candidate George McGovern, the Vietnam War, Pres. Richard Nixon, move to Houston, and the Democratic Convention. Speaker: Sissy Farenthold
Dates: 1972-10-30

Democratic Convention wrap-up, Summer 1972

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06239
Scope and Contents Contents include: The radio show "So Now You Can Vote" reviews the 1972 Democratic Convention and how George McGovern received the nomination. Speakers: Mike Ross, Scott Hochberg, Shirley Chisholm, George McGovern, Valerie Kushner
Dates: Summer 1972

George McGovern speeches in Houston, 1972-10

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06241
Scope and Contents "Contents include: George McGovern speaking in Houston during his presidential campaign. In his first speech, he discusses poll numbers, Richard Nixon's policies, agricultural issues, the Vietnam War, and equal rights. In the second speech, he discusses racial harmony, Richard Nixon's policies, special interests, and agricultural issues. Speakers: George McGovern and Barbara Jordan
Dates: 1972-10

News Master 4, Fall 1971

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06232
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Invitation to Wordsworthless Society Meeting; (00:50) Arthur W. Bush regional administrator of EPA; (01:31) Football recruiting; (02:00) Football player interview; (02:24) Interview about East Pakistan; (03:21) Regional EPA administration roles and power; (04:14) Student Association meeting on student judicial issues; (05:13) Rice Program Council on Blanket Tax increase; (06:12) Blood donations; (06:23) Rice University Court women and minority representatives; (07:02)...
Dates: Fall 1971

News Master 2, Fall 1971

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06230
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Rice Owls sports review; (00:44) Presidential and other election results; (01:27) Off-campus; (02:06) Citizens for Good Schools election endorsement; (02:52) Lt. Governor Ben Barnes speaking at Rice; (03:35) Debbie Leonard, Fred Hofhienz, and Louie Welch speaking at Rice; (04:37) "Rice and City of Houston in the 70s" seminars; (05:42) Apollo 14 water on the moon; (06:53) Overview of Debbie Leonard's speech; (07:37) Apollo 14 moon findings; (08:17)Rice Owls Football on...
Dates: Fall 1971

News Master 3, Fall 1971

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06231
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Nuclear Fusion with plasma; (01:12) Student interest in university finances; (02:36) New pledges from fund drive; (02:59) Students and Development Office; (03:22) AP Player of the Week Rodrigo Barnes; (04:13) 2001 view of the future speech; (04:53) Student on Rice University Fund Council; (05:35) Annual fund drive; (06:16) Rice Owls football offense; (07:06) Carl Smith proposed 40th precinct redrawn; (07:49) Rice Owls football; (08:45) Norman Hackerman at Hanszen...
Dates: Fall 1971

News Master 10, Spring 1972

 File — Box: 2
Identifier: wrc06238
Scope and Contents Contents include: (00:01) Drug addiction treatment; (00:58) Anthropology collection for researchers; (01:30) Report of marijuana use; (03:12) Rice Owls baseball vs. Trinity University review; (03:38) Voter registration; (04:20) George McGovern campaign in Texas; (05:01) Lovett College opinion poll secession from Student Association Senate; (05:52) Terry Sanford presidential campaign; (06:26) Ombudsmen for Youth Affairs in Texas; (07:28) Rice Owls baseball vs. University of Texas review; (08:38)...
Dates: Spring 1972